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I want to build my keyboard!

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ErgoFip - Cherry MX blue animation

Clicky or not?

Keys... like you want!

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ErgoFip - Colored keys


Choose any color for any key.

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Keyboard. Yours. For real.

You'll be able to fully configure your keyboard. We made it so that everyone is able to make his own keyboard.

Only creativity.
We have tons of themes ready for you!

ErgoFip - Première bataille navale - battle ship

ErgoFip - Diplomacy - apprendre à négocier

Click. Or not.

You like clicky keyboards?
Having that unexplanable bumpy sensation when you push each key?
You can.

You want a silent mechanical keyboard that will last for years?
It's possible!

As strange as it sounds, we'll help you make your very own custom noise!

Colors. Yours too. Originality.

You want a very original keyboard? You want custom colors?
We have it for you!
You want custom colors for each key?
We made it possible!

Want to get famous?
You may share - if you want - your work!

ErgoFip - Unanimo - Essayez de deviner ce que les autres pensent !